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Domestic Violence & Offenses Against Family

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What starts out as a minor lover’s quarrel can quickly escalate into serious charges involving arrest, forfeiture, and imposition of a final restraining order. Within a couple of days of an arrest, you may find yourself before a family court judge for a determination of whether a final restraining order should be imposed and legally owned weapons permanently forfeited.

The laws regarding domestic violence are complex and require the careful navigation of an experienced attorney to ensure a favorable outcome. Therefore, at Roberts & Teeter, we highly recommend seeking counsel with a skilled criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey as soon as possible if you are charged with domestic violence or a crime against a family member. The consequences may be permanent.

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2C:24-1. Bigamy. Having more than one spouse – a disorderly persons offense.

Endangering the Welfare of Children

Any person who has a legal responsibility to care for a child or who has been given responsibility to care for a child (guardian or babysitter) who causes the child harm or who engaged in sexual conduct with the child is guilty of a second-degree crime. A child is defined as a person less than 16 years old.

Neglect of Elderly or Disabled

A person who has a legal duty or assumed the care of an elderly person over 60 or for a disabled person who abandons that person is guilty of a third-degree crime.

Use of a Minor to Commit a Criminal Offense

Using a person who is under 18 to help facilitate a crime is a separate fourth-degree offense. A reasonable mistake as to the minor’s age is not a defense.

Domestic Violence

The laws prohibiting domestic violence are found in chapter 25 of the New Jersey Criminal Code. They provide which criminal acts or offenses give rise to domestic violence (see 2C:25-19), the procedure for arrest and forfeiture of weapons (see 2C:25-21), the procedure for an emergent hearing in family court (see 2C:25-28), the imposition of final restraining orders, and the laws regarding contempt for violating an existing restraining order (see 2C:25-30 through 2C:25-31.)

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At Roberts & Teeter, we work relentlessly to defend our clients against any and all criminal charges, including domestic violence charges and those involving offenses against family members. Backed by years of experience, our skilled criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey are highly effective in this area of law. You can rely on us to provide you with the strong legal representation you deserve.

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