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    "Resourceful, attentive, and understanding, and work with me every step of the way!"
    I recently hired Mike to appeal my carry permit denial! In the process of waiting for a court date, I had an incident where the state tried to revoke my FID card and forfeit my firearms! Mike represented me on both accounts and not only did he get the forfeiture denied but he got my carry permit granted! Mike went up to bat and came home with a grand slam! He was resourceful, attentive, understanding, and work with me every step of the way! Money well spent! Any gun problems he is your attorney for sure !! Thanks, Mike! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    - Former Client
    "Professilonal, Intelligent, Caring and Straight to the Point."
    He provided all the info, resources, and information for me to get the result that I love. Mr. Teeter got the best result possible. All criminal charges for domestic violence were dropped and expunged.
    - Mantas A.
    "Keeps His Word and Is Extremely Responsive"
    Mr. Teeter is no-nonsense and explains the entire legal process.
    - Brian F.
    "Matthew Teeter Is One of the Best Lawyers I Have Worked With"
    He is very professional and makes you feel confident. He is hardworking and very trustworthy. He has lived up to all the standards he set out to me from the first day we spoke.
    - Alexandra C.
    "Professional, Fair, and Thorough"
    Mathew Teeter represented me very well throughout the process of my Second Offense DUI case. He will omit if not reduce sentences that unfairly subjugate to you.
    - Jason A.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Developing In-Depth Defense Strategies

Roberts & Teeter, LLC is a boutique criminal defense law firm in New Jersey. Our skilled and experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorneys provide high-quality legal representation to those facing criminal charges in NJ. Michael Brett Roberts has dedicated his legal career to providing focused representation for various criminal charges. He was named to the New Jersey Rising Star list in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Matthew Teeter limits his practice to criminal law, traffic offenses, DWI/DUI, domestic violence restraining orders, and juvenile delinquency matters. He gives every case the care and attention they deserve.

Our team understands the personal nature of criminal cases and how these matters can affect someone's entire life. That is why our New Jersey criminal defense attorney devotes the time and attention necessary to build solid defenses for our clients. When you turn to us, you will have a team of New Jersey criminal defense lawyers on your side. We will listen to your concerns and learn about your case from your perspective to craft a strategy tailored just for you. In each case we handle, we devote the time and resources necessary to seek the best possible outcome for our clients, and we are ready to defend you.

Why Hire Us

  • Committed to Communicating with Clients
    The lawyers at Roberts & Teeter, LLC are dedicated to keeping clients informed about their cases.
  • Unique & Personal Representation
    Our clients are not handed off to an associate; they work exclusively with the partners of the firm.
  • Exclusive Focus on Criminal Defense
    Roberts & Teeter, LLC only handles matters and cases associated with criminal defense.

Why Choose Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney?

New Jersey criminal cases are complex and involve various laws and rules. We recognize that someone without a background in the law may find the judicial system overwhelming. That is why we leverage our knowledge, skills, and resources to guide our clients through each stage of their cases. Our team handles only criminal defense matters, and we have a comprehensive understanding of New Jersey's criminal laws and court processes. Hiring our NJ criminal attorneys means you will have knowledgeable advocates standing up for you and helping you understand the nuances of your criminal case.

Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team by calling our NJ criminal defense law firm at (732) 607-5553 or contacting us online today. Visit our criminal lawyer reviews to see why clients choose us when they need the best criminal lawyers in NJ.

No Matter the Charge, We Can Help You

We Offer Personal, Hands-On Legal Representation

New Jersey Criminal Lawyers Fighting a Wide Array of Charges

If you have been accused of violating any of the statutes enumerated in the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, you must retain the services of a skilled NJ criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A prosecutor working on behalf of the State will be doing everything they can to prove that you are guilty of the alleged offense. To aggressively and competently counter their arguments, your lawyer needs time to prepare your defense.

At Roberts & Teeter, LLC, our criminal lawyers in New Jersey are ready to get started on your case. Backed by years of experience, we have seen how the prosecution prepares and presents cases, and we know what needs to be done to attack criminal accusations. Employing a strategic approach, our team examines and analyzes every detail to spot weaknesses in the State's case, allowing us to develop a strong defense.

Our New Jersey criminal attorneys represent clients facing various charges, including:

  • DWI/DUI: In New Jersey, a person may be charged with DWI if they operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The penalties upon a conviction are severe. For instance, a first offense is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, between 12 to 48 hours at an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, and driver's license suspension. A third or subsequent offense is penalized by up to 180 days in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and up to 8 years of driver's license suspension. Anyone arrested for DWI can also face sanctions – even before their criminal case concludes – if they refuse to submit to a chemical test to determine the amount of drugs and/or alcohol in their system. Speak with our NJ criminal attorneys if you have been accused of DWI.
  • Drug crimes: Various types of conduct involving controlled substances can be charged as drug crimes. Controlled substances can include illegal drugs, such as heroin, and prescription medications, such as Xanax. Offenses include possessing, manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing drugs, or distributing a drug or drugs that cause the death of another person. A conviction can result in years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines. Our criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey are here to defend against drug crime accusations.
  • Assault: Generally, assault involves causing or threatening to cause injury to another person or pointing a gun at someone. New Jersey criminal law identifies simple assault, a disorderly person's offense, and aggravated assault, a second-degree crime. Whatever charge you are facing, allow our NJ defense attorneys to deliver the aggressive legal representation you need.
  • Firearm and weapons: These offenses include, but are not limited to, possessing destructive devices, sawed-off shotguns, and defaced firearms; using weapons and firearms unlawfully against another person; and possessing weapons when prohibited by law from having them. Firearm and weapons offenses range from fourth- to second-degree crimes and carry steep penalties. Additionally, enhanced punishments may be imposed when a person had or used a gun during the commission of a drug crime. Our New Jersey criminal defense lawyers will fight hard to protect your rights and future.
  • Terrorist threats and stalking: A person may be accused of making a terrorist threat if they threaten violence to cause a building to be evacuated or threaten to kill another person, placing them in fear of imminent harm. A person can be accused of stalking if they repeatedly maintain physical proximity to someone else or make written or verbal threats against them. At Roberts & Teeter, LLC, our criminal attorneys in NJ recognize the seriousness of these charges and will work hard toward a favorable result on your behalf.
  • Gambling: Gambling offenses include promoting gambling, maintaining a gambling establishment, possessing a gambling device, underage gambling, and bookmaking. These are serious cases that can result in years in prison and/or thousands of dollars in fines. For the help you need defending against charges, reach out to our criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey.
  • Internet crimes: Internet crimes are those that take place or are facilitated online. In today's digital age, numerous types of conduct can be considered internet crimes, such as fraud, child pornography, identity theft, and phishing. The criminal conviction penalties vary depending on the offense but will likely include incarceration and/or a fine. If you have been accused, reach out to our NJ defense attorneys today.
  • Disorderly conduct: Behaviors such as fighting, creating a dangerous condition without a legitimate purpose, and causing a public inconvenience are disorderly conduct offenses. To fight your charge, contact our criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey.
  • Theft, robbery, and burglary: Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are separate offenses. Theft involves unlawfully taking someone else's property, and includes conduct such as motor vehicle theft, shoplifting, receiving stolen property, and theft of services. Robbery occurs when someone uses force against another to commit a theft crime. Burglary involves entering or remaining in a structure or room with the intent to commit an offense while there. Whether you have been charged with theft, robbery, or burglary, our criminal lawyers in NJ will aggressively fight for you.
  • Traffic offenses: Although violations, such as speeding, racing on highways, or failing to observe a signal, may not result in jail time, they can lead to consequences like fines, surcharges, and other costs. These sanctions are serious, and to seek to avoid or minimize the penalties you face, reatain the counsel of our New Jersey criminal lawyers.
  • Violent crimes: Offense involving threats or the use of force against another person are considered violent crimes. They include, but are not limited to, robbery, assault, kidnapping, murder, and manslaughter. Severe penalties can be levied upon a conviction, and because these are challenging cases, it is imperative that you enlist the help of our defense attorneys in NJ.
  • Forgery and fraud: Various types of conduct can be charged as fraud or forgery. Offenses include forging money, selling fake driver's licenses, misrepresenting information on insurance or healthcare forms to unlawfully receive benefits, or writing bad checks. Accused of any of these or other forgery or fraud crimes? Turn to our New Jersey criminal attorneys for legal representation.
  • Official misconduct: Officials can be accused of misconduct for unlawfully going beyond the bounds of their authority for their own benefit or to deprive someone of something of value. They may also face allegations if they willfully fail to perform the functions of their position. For this second-degree crime, you need the help of our NJ defense lawyers.
  • Public indecency: A range of conduct can fall under the category of public indecency. Examples include engaging in or promoting prostitution, selling or displaying obscene material, or a person with an STD engaging in sexual relations with someone without first informing their partner of the disease. Regardless of the offense you've been accused of, you can count on our New Jersey criminal defense attorneys to deliver the counsel you need.
  • Arson: This offense involves starting a fire or explosion on another’s property and putting people or structures at risk of harm, or with the intent to collect insurance, avoid zoning laws, or destroy a forest. Arson is a third-degree crime, and aggravated arson is a second-degree crime. Our criminal lawyers in NJ can zealously advocate on your behalf in these types of cases.
  • Domestic violence: Under New Jersey law, domestic violence occurs when someone abuses or threatens to abuse a family or household member. Various offenses can be charged as domestic violence crimes, including, but not limited to, kidnapping, sexual assault, harassment, burglary, stalking, and assault. The accusation alone can result in a temporary restraining order issued against the alleged offender, and a conviction can lead to incarceration and/or fines. Our NJ defense attorneys can guide you throughout your case.
  • Title IX: This federal law provides that all people in the U.S. have equal access to education. It prohibits any conduct at educational institutions that violates that right, including harassment and sexual misconduct. Title IX claims are investigated and handled by the school. If allegations are found to be true, a bevy of consequences may follow, including criminal prosecution, suspension from athletic teams, withholding of a degree, and expulsion from school. Our defense attorneys in New Jersey can guide you through the investigation and hearing processes in your case and fight to protect your future.

At Roberts & Teeter, LLC, we provide robust defense for our clients. We thoroughly prepare for each case, analyzing everything that happened, from the arrest to charges being filed. Our criminal lawyers are skilled negotiators and practiced litigators who work relentlessly to seek favorable resolutions through plea deals with prosecutors, but, if such is not possible, are ready to go to trial and zealously advocate for our clients in court.

To retain the services of a team that will stand by you and ensure that your voice is heard, contact us at (732) 607-5553 today.

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One of the Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make
When you've been arrested or accused of a crime, it's important that you hire a legal team you can trust to be your fierce advocate. At Roberts & Teeter, LLC, our attorneys are ready to handle your case and do whatever it takes to protect your future, freedom and reputation.

Your Future Matters to Us. It Should Matter to You.

Get Experienced & Award-Winning Criminal Defense

Our lawyers at Roberts & Teeter, LLC are focused on making sure clients receive legal representation that is truly focused on protecting their rights and helping them ensure a favorable future.

Michael Brett Roberts has focused his legal career on providing focused legal counsel in cases ranging from domestic violence to first degree murder. He has been recognized as a Rising Star for Criminal Defense by SuperLawyers® in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Matthew Teeter is a skilled lawyer who has interned with the New Jersey State Police Ballistics Unit and has since demonstrated his ability as a litigator and mediator. He has helped clients throughout New Jersey with a wide range of criminal law issues and provides every case with a high level of care and attention to detail.

In need of a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey? Find out how we can help. Call now for a FREE consultation!

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