Case Results

    • 4th Shoplifting Offense - Theft Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was charged for the 4th time with shoplifting. We effectively fought to get this case dismissed by challenging the proofs the State had.

    • 2nd Driving While Intoxicated - DWI Received No Loss of License

      The client was charged with their 2nd offense Driving While Intoxicated. We argued the State lacked proof for conviction and brought to light our client’s medical history which impacted the accident that occurred.

      Client plead guilty to careless driving and received no loss of license.

    • Possession of CDS, Intent to Distribute - Drug Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was charged with drug possession and drug possession with the intent to distribute. They were facing up to 10 years in prison.

    • Aggravated Assault - Violent Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was charged with aggravated assault for a bar fight in which the alleged victim sustained serious injuries due to being struck with a beer bottle that broke. We argued that our client was merely defending himself and had a valid self-defense claim.

    • Aggravated Assault & Possession of a Weapon - Violent Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was a college student charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon after her boyfriend was stabbed with a knife. After investigating the matter with a private investigator we were able to determine she was being abused physically and was in fear at the time of her actions.

    • Possession of Marijuana & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - Drug Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was a college student who was away for winter break when a water pipe broke in his dorm building. Upon arriving, the fire department found marijuana and paraphernalia and contacted police who confiscated the evidence and charged the client criminally. By way of motion, the court agreed the police acted improperly by not obtaining a warrant prior to the seizure of evidence.

    • Simple Assault – Domestic Violence - Violent Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was a doctor who just accepted a new position at a hospital. After being involved in a dispute with his wife, he was charged with simple assault when he attempted to leave his house, was prevented from doing so, and used force to leave the residence. After directing the couple to anger management counseling we were able to have the case dismissed, the matter expunged, and allowed the client to keep his job.

    • Endangering the Welfare of a Child - Other Crimes Pre-Trial Intervention program for 3 Years

      Client was a daycare worker who placed an 11-month old child on its stomach to sleep. The child died and our client and others were charged with Endangering the Welfare of the Child. After we revealed the employees never received adequate training from the employer, we were able to convince the State that she should not do any prison time and be afforded an opportunity to complete a diversion program and have the charge dismissed at the competition of the program.

    • Official Misconduct - Other Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was an employee of a school district that was arrested and charged, along with the Superintendent and others, with Official Misconduct for misappropriation of funds. After a four year battle, multiple appeals, multiple prosecutors, and multiple motions, her charge was dismissed.

    • Underage Gambling - Other Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client was a college student who was in Atlantic City with his parents and who sat and played blackjack with casino chips. The casino failed to properly I.D. him and when he went to cash his chips, his I.D. revealed he was 20 years old. By way of Di Minimis motion the Judge threw the case out.

    • Speeding 108 MPH in a 65 MPH zone - Traffic Crimes Plead Guilty, No Loss of License

      Client was charged with speeding 108 MPH in a 65 mph zone. After multiple court appearances and mitigating factors that were brought to light, the client left court without a license suspension.

    • Driving While Intoxicated - DWI Plead Guilty to Tailgaiting/Following Too Close

      Client was charged with Driving While Intoxicated after having an anxiety attack. The State lacked proofs and on the eve of trial decided to dismiss the DWI.