U.S. Supreme Court Expands Gun Rights Nationwide

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The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a New York gun law that would require individuals to demonstrate a “justifiable need” for a firearm to obtain a concealed carry permit. Despite liberal dissent, 6 conservative justices decided the law was unconstitutional, and the decision will affect similar gun laws in other states.

As a result, Yahoo News Network expects more Americans to be armed in public. Justice Clarence Thomas explains that every American has a Constitutional “right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.”

What the Bruen Decision Means for Other States

Anyone who wishes to carry a firearm will be impacted by the Supreme Court’s ruling. As a result of the overturned New York law, similar laws in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey will soon be challenged and/or amended.

Many Americans will no longer need to present a “justifiable need” to get a concealed carry permit. Nevertheless, those living in New Jersey must still complete a notarized “State of New Jersey Application For Permit To Carry A Handgun.”

No other gun control measures have been overturned, and prosecutors will continue enforcing existing laws.

Carrying a Firearm Legally

If you want to obtain a gun permit, the Supreme Court decision impacts you. Obtaining a concealed carry permit may be easier than ever before, but you may still need to get fingerprinted, agree to a background check, and meet other requirements to get a gun legally.

The laws surrounding firearms and weapons are extremely volatile right now, and you do not have to navigate them by yourself.

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